Doctor Developed Products for Home Healing

Customized care for neck, arm and hand injuries developed by a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Now you can bring a doctor into your house to treat neck, arm and hand injuries effectively and efficiently without surgery with products designed by Dr. Scott Fried, an orthopedic surgeon who has treated thousands of patients with complex nerve problems.

Self Help Books, Tapes and Videos from Dr. Scott Fried. Most physicians are too quick to consider surgery as the first line of defense against carpal tunnel and other repetitive-strain injuries. Dr. Scott Fried takes a strong position against surgery and offers self-healing alternatives that have better results. In these education materials, you will discover authoritative advice on surgical alternatives.

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Splints & Medical Devices
  • Miracle Splint
  • The EZ Sling
  • The Miracle Mask DC
  • The Miracle Mask with Bluetooth Bundle
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Carpal Tunnel
Self-Hypnosis Healing
  • A Surgeon's Self- Hypnosis Healing Solution: My Father's Secret
  • The Carpal Tunnel Helpbook
  • Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel

Therapies & Lifestyle Modifications

In addition to custom medical devices and education, Dr. Scott Fried, The Doctor in the House, has assembled a team of dedicated, highly trained healthcare professional to help you discover non-surgical alternatives to treatment of neck, arm and hand injuries.

Ultrasound for Carpal Tunnel

The new way to free the median nerve at the carpal tunnel with no incisions.

Conservative Care Method

The Doctor In the House System of alternative and holistic treatment options.

Lifestyle Modification

Pain management and neuromusculoskeletal re-education through self-hypnosis.

About Dr. Scott Fried

Through his decades of practice as a board certified orthopedic surgeon helping thousands of patients, Dr. Fried has developed a “surgery as a last resort” approach to treating neck, arm and hand injuries.

He is a fellowship trained hand surgeon and upper extremity surgeon, as well as a specialist in treating nerve pain. He believes in teaching patients to heal using nutrition, exercise, standard and alternative therapies, splints and medical devices, lifestyle modifications, and relaxation techniques such as meditation and self-hypnosis.